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Developing a Safety Culture is something that is on the lips of almost all companies. An accident free workplace can be developed. It is an attitude that starts at the top of an organization and flows down throughout. A good program is a must, but it's not the key ingredient that makes the difference to achieve ZERO accidents.

Crisis Management

  There are many uncertainties and variables outside the control of management that can divert significant focus and resources away from Projects and Operations. These fall generally into the categories of emergencies and crises. An emergency is an event that requires intervention to correct the situation, i.e. a traffic accident, an environmental spill, a fire, etc. A crisis is when the effects of an emergency threaten the viability of the company. This can come from media coverage, community outrage, or political involvement. In the case of a crisis, technical details of responsibility no longer matter.

An emergency response plan is a detailed set of actions to address specific situations. This is needed and often required within organizations. A crisis management plan is a coordinated system of evaluating and responding to situations on a live basis that focuses all of the resources of the company needed to address the crisis. It is critically important to develop an emergency response plan, a crisis management plan, and understand the difference between the two.

Risk Management

Having a robust risk management process where people throughout the organization are involved can help drive to the goal of Zero accidents. Risk management is often focused on in the board room, but needs to be based on the floor so that the people who are at risk understand the risks and the controls to prevent incidents.

Lightning Safety

Lightning storms in many areas of the world (the high Andes of Peru for example) present a significant risk to both personnel and equipment. Fatalities resulting from lightning strikes are recorded each year in the mines and communities surrounding mines. Having the right protection and procedures can protect both your people and equipment from tragedy. 


25+ years of operating in the mining industry and metallurgical processes not only gives Eric the ability to evaluate the needs and Identify the problems, but the understanding of what resources need to be brought to bear on a problem and where to find the right ones.   

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