Project Evaluation


  Do you have a significant investment in a mine that you would like to protect? Are thinking about making an investment and want to understand the risks?

Would you like another point of view on a project before moving forward?

  Eric Caba has more than 25 years operating in the mining field across three continents under varied local cultures, company cultures, and operating situations. From startups to plants over 100 years old, familiarity with $1B plus construction, mature operations and the transition between the two, the breadth of experience allows Eric to recognize potential problems, understand the potential scope, and quantify the risk presented.


  Knowing which risks to put energy into can make the difference between on-time on-budget and…. the majority of mining projects.

  25+ years of operating in the mining industry and metallurgical processes not only gives Eric the ability to evaluate the needs and Identify the problems, but the understanding of what resources need to be brought to bear on a problem and where to find the right ones.


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