Operational Readiness

  Operational readiness can be described by the following four key bodies of work:

 Project Management – Ongoing management of project risks; concentrating on the cross-functional requirements from each operating department. This is complementary to but outside the management of construction risks for the project.

  Management Operating System – A Management Operating System identifies the people, processes and procedures, system, tools and infrastructure required to manage the business over all time horizons. Or more succinctly; the what (and when), the who and the how the business will function. 

  Commissioning & Start Up – Although commissioning is handled by a Commissioning Manager and associated commissioning team, there are a number of Operational Readiness pre-requisites. For example; the maintenance and operating procedures developed under the guise of the Management Operating System are inputs to this process; as are the manpower with these departments. The list is far more extensive as the facility becomes operational and support services transition from projects to operations and the integration of operational readiness activities with construction and commissioning is there-fore critical.

Handover – After a designated period of time of ore commissioning the commissioning team will roll-off and the facility will be the sole responsibility of the operations management team. Transfer of both facilities and the associated management processes is critical to ensuring a smooth transition. Labor force management is also important as during early stages of operations, the labor requirements will undoubtedly be higher and decrease as time progresses and production becomes more stable. Punch lists and ongoing works management are also key components. 

  25+ years of operating in the mining industry and metallurgical processes not only gives Eric the ability to evaluate the needs and Identify the problems, but the understanding of what resources need to be brought to bear on a problem and where to find the right ones. 


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